Funky SParrow Apothecary

Funky Sparrow Apothecary is a natural beauty and skincare line based in Alabama. Jaime creates all of her products - face oils, hand salves, and more - with patience and love in small batches (infusing the herbs into the vegetable and nut oils takes months!). No harsh chemicals, fillers, or useless ingredients are used in her process.  Jaime strives for a philosophy of rejuvenation, relaxation, and mindful living within her business. With a little "funky" spirit in there, too!  We incorporated hand lettering, pattern, and black and white with some pops of color. A slightly quirky, yet sophisticated feel as Jaime expands with her products more and more. 


→  Logo Design + Branding
→  Pattern Design


Funky Sparrow Branding and Lettering by Juliet Meeks Design