My process involves a mix of painting with watercolor, gouache, and ink, or the occasional cut paper or experimental technique. I usually think of color first, and let each new element guide it organically. Florals, painterly texture, and fresh color palettes are some of my signature design elements. I'm often working on self-initiated challenges on Instagram, like #30PaintedFlorals and #30DaysofPaperCuts!

Below a sampling of patterns, which may be available for sale or licensing.
If you'd like access to the full pattern catalog, please get in touch here!

Juliet Meeks Design studio | Photo by Darian Kayce
Juliet Meeks Floral Pattern
Juliet Meeks Floral Pattern
Juliet Meeks Paper Drops Pattern
Juliet Meeks Wildflowers Pattern
Juliet Meeks Paper Cut Pattern
Juliet Meeks Paaches Watercolor Pattern
Juliet Meeks Falling Flowers Watercolor Pattern